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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: March 1, 2006 12:18
Focal Length: 55 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/2.8 - 1/320 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: None

I love Marina City. I have a series of shots I took there recently. The parking garage (shown here) on the lower levels of the towers changes the faces of the towers daily. When more colorful cars are parked there, the more visually interesting the building looks. I spent some time processing a BW version of this image, and I think I'll post that tomorrow.


03.09.06, 09:19 AM, Gary:

great take on Marina, those cars always look so precarious like it wouldn't take much for one to tumble down to the street

03.09.06, 11:34 AM, Jeremi:

Wow, that is very interesting!! That's something you just never see here. It's also interesting they are all backed in to their parking spots???

03.09.06, 12:10 PM, samcam:

Awesome shot! I have always wanted to take a nice shot at this place in Chicago. I was there but my camera was not. But I love this perspective. Great Work!

03.09.06, 12:13 PM, anna aspnes:

just love the angle on this mike!

03.09.06, 02:02 PM, gavieroloco:

Very impresious the photogafy and the blog congratuleison
Bay my friend

03.09.06, 04:02 PM, Mark Ellis. UK:

back a bit back a bit WWWOWW! great shot mike.

03.09.06, 05:01 PM, Ana:

I love these buildings, too. I have tried (in vain) to find a screen shot from the movie "The Hunter" in which Steve McQueen sent the car into the river from the towers.....would love to see that!

03.09.06, 05:35 PM, Micki:

What a fantastic photo of an amazing work of architecture.

03.09.06, 06:01 PM, Jide Alakija:

Lovely shot. I'm looking forward to the BW version.

03.09.06, 07:01 PM, Duane Bong:

Very nice one Mike. Reminds me of one of those futuristic sci-fi movies. Wonder what happens if 1 car backs up too far.

03.09.06, 08:13 PM, Michael 2:

Very nice. I was struck when I saw these in Chicago last year, but couldn't snap a cool photo. I wonder how old these things are. Am curious how B&W turns out.

03.09.06, 08:42 PM, Keith:

What a great angle, so like a toy garage full of hot wheels.

03.09.06, 08:58 PM, tetsu:

Interesting symmetry!
I feel as if it is turning...

03.09.06, 09:46 PM, Dennis Rogers:

Wow. This is so cool. It looks like any of these cars could fall off of there at any moment though!!

03.10.06, 12:28 AM, àsìkò:

like the repeating patterns and angle of the shot. well done. the cars look like they are gonna fall out

03.10.06, 06:16 AM, Chantal:

Creative and awesome photo here.

03.10.06, 07:32 AM, Sidney:

Each time I visit your blog you got a stunning picture!
Wow !

03.10.06, 07:51 AM, Bob:

Love the composition here with the camera tilted. Give a different visual effect to the image.

03.10.06, 08:47 PM, cool daddio:

What a cool shot. Amazing structure. You can't grow buildings that tall here in coastal plains.

03.13.06, 12:34 AM, Obelix:

Nice capture, Mike.

03.14.06, 06:56 PM, John:

Great angle here, and good coloring.

03.15.06, 02:24 AM, eterisk:

Ohh great.. looks like tiny models. We don´t have something like this here in Sweden.

03.22.06, 11:04 AM, Alicia:

This is a dizzying perspective. I love how the cars look so small and orderly. It's kind of creepy too.

03.24.06, 09:17 PM, Andy:

This is so cool. The parking garages look like funky carrying cases stocked with hot wheels.

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