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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: March 4, 2006 10:49
Focal Length: 85 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/1.6 - 1/2500 sec
ISO: 640
Flash: None

I hate it when I miss a posting; sorry about that! This is a shot taken this weekend on a trip with my boys to the Chicago Children's Museum. Just outside of the museum in the Navy Pier atrium they have those wild streaming fountains that spit out continuous ropes of water. But when you freeze the motion of the water, you see that it's made up of individual droplets like this. I had no idea.


03.08.06, 09:39 AM, Gary:

wow teriffic composition and fascinating subject matter, awesome with the kids in the bg

03.08.06, 10:39 AM, Jeremi:

Now that is an awesome shot! Way to capture it! Did it take several tries (it would me) or did you nail it the first time?

03.08.06, 10:49 AM, Mike:

Jeremi- thanks. I confess it took a ton of shots to get this. I wish the drops were more in-focus, but this was the best I could do.

03.08.06, 12:13 PM, Mark Ellis. UK:

Well spoted, excellent shot.

03.08.06, 06:32 PM, Jide Alakija:

WOAH! How did you do that.

03.08.06, 08:08 PM, Jeremi:

Well I still think it's a great shot. I can guarantee it would have taken me tons more shots than you and I still probably wouldn't have come home with something this cool! Nice job!

03.08.06, 09:07 PM, Matthew Greco:

this is really cool! I especially like the kids in tha backround, they make the capture that much more impressive.

03.09.06, 01:00 AM, rayts:

nice capture Mike! the droplets look like crystals or something...and great catch on the background as looking on, anticipating the motion of water.

03.09.06, 01:06 AM, àsìkò:

nice shot. water shots are hard to do, I know trust me. U can check out mine
nice shot

03.09.06, 06:10 AM, Chantal:

What did you try to focus here?

03.09.06, 12:14 PM, anna aspnes:


03.10.06, 04:37 AM, Tai:

Wow, very nice. Amazing how you focused that.

03.10.06, 08:40 PM, cool daddio:

That's wild! f1.6 and 1/2500 thems some extreme parameters to work with.

03.13.06, 12:34 AM, Obelix:


03.14.06, 06:54 PM, John:

Fantastic focus here. I always thought that they were streams of water. Great colors with your kids in the background too.

03.15.06, 12:41 AM, Claudette San Pedro:

All I can say is NEATO!

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