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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: February 21, 2006 12:47
Focal Length: 10.5 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/10 - 6.0 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: None

I was asked to take a picture of one of the stained-glass windows in the main chapel of our church. I ran over there during the lunch hour to do it yesterday. It was nice to have the building to myself, and I took a few other shots that I have wanted to take for a long time. The dome of the church is magnificent, and I managed to take this directly under the center of the dome, just in front of the altar.


02.22.06, 10:58 AM, Jeremi:

That is very cool!! What a fun opportunity for you!

02.22.06, 02:11 PM, mistralcolors:

Good evening Mike, Thx for posting again in mistral. Wonderful shot. That's funny, we are losting the prespective on it!

02.23.06, 05:58 AM, Chantal:

Good symmetry

02.23.06, 06:59 AM, keith:

Beautiful. I am often found leaning back or even lying down in this sort of building to appreciate the incredible work that goes into it.

02.23.06, 08:22 AM, Still:

Superb! great details and gorgeous colour. I imagine it in large size... Beautiful.

02.23.06, 04:42 PM, *mamo:

hi mike. this is a realy impressive perspective shot! great!

02.23.06, 11:30 PM, Duane Bong:

Nice, I like the symmetry.

02.25.06, 03:24 PM, Mark:

Wow, Mike- this is perfect. Nice composition of patterns, lines, and colors. Reminds me of a tip that I read a long time ago on a photoblog. When you find yourself at a place where something is happening, where there's lots of other photographers taking a picture, or in a crowd- just turn around to find the unique shot. To that, I've added "just look up", as you've shown us.

03.13.06, 12:35 AM, Obelix:


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