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Nikon D100

Capture Date/Time: August 24, 2003 16:25
Focal Length: 42 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/4 - 1/60 sec
ISO: 200
Flash: None

Well, my archives have been scraped pretty dry recently. The weather here has been lousy and it's been hard to get some decent shots. I think I'll be keeping the camera indoors for the next few days to try something new. This is a shot of my oldest walking on the dock in North Carolina a couple of summers ago. I spent a long time working on this one, and there's something about it I'm not all that crazy about. I think it's the fact that it weighs too heavily on the left. But there's another shot on the same dock, same daughter, two years earlier, here.


02.16.06, 03:41 PM, Timbo:

Why do I suddenly feel like writing a poem about where the sidewalk (boardwalkl?) ends? Great shot.

02.16.06, 04:44 PM, Matthew Greco:

The focus is great here, especially with the fogg and the grass, it really fades off into the distance.

02.16.06, 04:44 PM, Matthew Greco:

The focus is great here, especially with the fog and the grass, it really fades off into the distance.

02.16.06, 05:58 PM, Rock Kauser:

Isn't it wonderful to be able to rewatch our children growing up in the images we took of them? They sure do grow up fast!

02.16.06, 06:07 PM, cool daddio:

It's a beautiful shot. Your comment box popped up with right edge just to the right of the blue tower..might be a nice alternative crop :-) I love Topsail Island (90 minutes away) We spent our first two weeker there last summer...heaven.

02.16.06, 06:41 PM, Gary:

plenty to like here, the light on her legs is gorgeous, and the grass popping between the boards and the hazy background are great, maybe the square crop is what's bothering you?

02.16.06, 08:52 PM, Dennis Rogers:

Actually, I can't imagine it being more perfect. It could easily be on the cover of a magazine. I find it most impressive.

02.17.06, 01:41 AM, jlc:

Poetic picture!

Nice colors

02.17.06, 04:44 AM, ROB:

One of my favourite shots in a while. This really makes me feel 10 again. After the week I have had that would be more than bliss.

02.17.06, 05:39 AM, Chantal:

Awesome photo man!!!

02.17.06, 06:23 AM, Bob:

I love this picture most because it eoke my own memories of one of my favorite vacations to Topsail Island NC. We had access to a dock much like this one for fishing and was great fun. I do not find the balance too bad. I suppose you could have cropped to a square with the dock running up the middle of the frame, did you try that?

02.18.06, 06:19 AM, Ana:

I think the framing is right on with this one. It seems very balanced to me. I love that she is mid-step and that she is looking off the side. This is a treasure.

02.19.06, 10:57 AM, spencer:

Very nice shot !

02.19.06, 12:50 PM, Mark:

Mike, it's a wonderful, splendid picture. I find no fault with it at all. If I was you, I'd print this one and frame it. I visited Topsail around 1988, but this reminds me more of Kiawah in S.C. A 10 out of 10.

02.20.06, 12:52 PM, Alicia:

I love the colors, the perspective, and how the grass grows through the cracks. Beautiful area.

02.22.06, 07:42 AM, Tai:

I like this. While it does seem to weigh a bit on the left, some elements keep it balanced like the treeline in the background and the shadows cast by the grassy on the riverbank. I think my favorite part is how you captured you're daughter with her feet and hands in motion, but there's really a lot to like about this shot.

03.13.06, 12:35 AM, Obelix:

Well process, Mike.

03.21.06, 09:53 PM, Gaja:

beautiful light, and I like your choice of processing, very dreamy.

01.09.09, 03:12 PM, Gena Calderon:

good luck

01.11.09, 04:06 AM, Polly Case:

good luck

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