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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: February 4, 2006 16:02
Focal Length: 44 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/3.5 - 1/90 sec
ISO: 400
Flash: None

We visited the Museum of Science and Industry down in Hyde Park this weekend on a whim. I was trying to take some decent shots to post, and I am working on PP'ing a few of them to make them post-worthy. I haven't really decided yet. Anyway, on our way out I snapped this one of some plastic cows at the farm processing exhibit. They look pretty real, don't they? This may be as close as I ever come to seeing real cows being milked, and I suppose that's the whole point of a museum...

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02.10.06, 01:26 PM, Mark Ellis. UK:

an excelent shot, they don't look very happy. infact iff looks could kill..........

02.10.06, 01:27 PM, Mark Ellis. UK:

i ment if.

02.10.06, 01:48 PM, keith:

They are not amMOOsed!


02.10.06, 03:05 PM, ody:

ohh.. very interesting and also very funny!! ;))

02.10.06, 05:06 PM, John:

That's probably as close as you want to come to seeing cows being milked. It smells horrible. Nice centering here.

02.10.06, 05:35 PM, Alicia:

They look so blaise about being milked. Pretty realistic depiction.

02.10.06, 05:53 PM, cool daddio:

That center cow looks every bit as scary as my spider ;-) though I suppose bovinephobia (Lyle Lovett has it) is less common than arachniphobia. Obviously a great conversation starting photo :-)

02.10.06, 07:10 PM, Sidney:

They really look angry...
Great shot as usual !

02.10.06, 08:28 PM, Obelix:

Excellent stuff.

02.10.06, 10:55 PM, Matt Greco:

Very fitting, plastic cows in a scene of false mechanical naturalism...or something like that.

02.10.06, 11:40 PM, shane j montgomery:

holy cow! that looks amazing

02.11.06, 08:31 AM, *mamo:

thats were our milk comes from. funny cause i am working on a competition in germany to make a design for the german milkindustrie. nevertheless this photo contains a very good lightcondition!

02.11.06, 11:08 AM, Bob:

Strange, my first thought on seeing this picture was how unreal they looked! I have spent some time in milking barns and this display seems lifeless to me (of course, it IS lifeless and that is probably why). BTW, I did not notice trouble in bringing up the comment screen, but sometimes it is slow in posting the comment.

02.11.06, 12:34 PM, Jeremi:

They do look real! This is probably a better way to see it done. I have seen it done and while it is interesting it is stinky and the cows can get real moody! ;)

02.11.06, 02:35 PM, pooh:

lol, shot cracks me up :)

02.11.06, 03:44 PM, jasonspix:

I wouldn't have guessed they weren't real if you hadn't said it! Great shot.

02.11.06, 04:55 PM, Eric:

Lived in Vermont for years and have seen many cows milked. This shot had me completely fooled. The centering and balance are fantastic!

02.11.06, 09:36 PM, Dave:

Really a cool picture. One spends a few seconds trying to decide if their real--the look in the eyes makes you glad they aren't.

02.12.06, 07:04 AM, tetsu:

Interesting symmetry!
Eyes of cows are so strong. They are irritated against human nature, I guess. :-P

02.12.06, 07:25 AM, Ana:

This freaked me out for a second because that middle cow looks very pissed off. I used to live very close to this museum. I love the big heart that you can walk inside. That used to be my favorite thing in the whole place. Do they still have the babies in jars?

02.13.06, 06:49 AM, Chantal:

Unusual work for you, but great.

02.19.06, 11:01 AM, spencer:

This is great !

02.19.06, 12:55 PM, Mark:

Wow, great picture. I use Bloglines and like to wait until the site has 5 to 10 pictures, then I view the thumbnails much like you'd view someone's gallery display. It gives me a good sense of the photographer- then I pick some entries that interest me and give comments. With your pictures, I consistently like each and every one. Keep up the good work.

02.18.07, 12:12 AM, bambino:

Interesting comments.. :D

02.22.07, 01:43 PM, dizionario:

Nice site you have!

02.24.07, 11:27 AM, bambini:

Lavoro eccellente! ..ringraziamenti per le informazioni..realmente lo apprezzo: D

02.26.07, 05:33 AM, uomo:

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09.02.10, 01:21 PM, Mark:

Nice shot

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