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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: February 2, 2006 23:06
Focal Length: 53 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/7.1 - 1/5 sec
ISO: 400
Flash: None

As you can tell, I'm in to reflections lately for some reason. I think I managed to find the only pool of water on Times Square last night. It's back to Chicago today!


02.03.06, 01:03 PM, jamie:

I don't really like this one. Too abstract or distracting. I'm not sure which it is.

02.03.06, 01:41 PM, Alicia:

It's times square! I recognized it immediately.

02.03.06, 02:37 PM, mistralcolors:

Hi man,
This is a clear improvement of your server's speed. That's ok.
Concerning this pic, I hope you won't be anger against me if I tell you that I'm not a fan of this one. :-(
Maybe the paper on the water, maybe the saturated light of the reflection, maybe the dark details on the floor..Hope you do not hold me against this personnal opinion...

02.04.06, 09:31 AM, Ana:

I have always wanted to do something like this in a puddle, but I never find anything interesting enough in the refelction. Ya done good. I like all the colours.

02.04.06, 10:14 AM, Rock Kauser:

The world is not always what it seems!

Good luck on the move.

02.04.06, 11:12 AM, Ed:

I love the colours from the lights. Distinctly Times Square.

02.04.06, 11:29 PM, Sidney:

Time Square in a pool of water !
Well done !
Good luck with the move !

02.06.06, 06:16 AM, Chantal:

I like the idea, creative

02.06.06, 07:08 AM, keith:

Gets my vote! Very interesting and surprisingly pleasing image. I like the big areas of dry as well as the colourful reflection

02.08.06, 11:53 AM, RONALYN:

And I will never look at a puddle the same! This is great! What a reflection! I will keep this in mind, as soon as all this snow melts!

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