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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: February 2, 2006 23:46
Focal Length: 10.5 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/22 - 3.0 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: None

I'm on a short business trip to NYC today. So after arriving late last night I went to Times Square to see if there was anything out there worthy of posting. I have been here a hundred times, but I never get over how amazing the lights are. The hustle and bustle of the Square is hard to capture. There's nothing like it anywhere.


02.02.06, 09:17 AM, Ana:

I love how busy this looks, even though you can't really see any people. It is 'fast paced.' Great shot!

02.02.06, 10:01 AM, Gary:

wow, awesome shot Mike, great use of the wideangle

02.02.06, 04:06 PM, Matt Greco:

cool angle and framing. Also, I like the way thatthe people look like ghosts, perfect shutter speed.

02.03.06, 12:36 AM, pooh:

surreal, I love the bended effect and light trails, I imagine it must've been hard to expose with all the light, but a real wonderful job. Not sure how you were able to find a place for this long of an exposure!

02.03.06, 04:54 AM, Still:

Wow! What an energy in this one. Lights, pub , bending effect... Iso 100? ... i like it

02.03.06, 05:19 AM, Chantal:

Funny shot of this place, fisheye?

02.03.06, 07:15 AM, Bob:

You have really captured the essence of that wonderful part of NYC! Great colors!

02.03.06, 07:18 AM, mistralcolors:

Hi man, interesting choice of lens here. Good ideaand great result

02.03.06, 07:20 AM, keith:

Good one, it feels busy and fast paced even though there is little obvios crowd to focus on. I must go back it has been many years.

02.03.06, 01:43 PM, Alicia:

The fish eye gives it a whole different perspective. Were you standing on the street for this one?!

02.03.06, 10:32 PM, cool daddio:

One way street I guess. The taillights on both sides works out and you definitely convey the hussle and bussle.

02.04.06, 10:16 AM, Rock Kauser:

I love the two women at the top corners competing for our attention, but no matter how hard they try everybody justs zooms by them.

02.04.06, 02:49 PM, jasonspix:

Very cool. Crazy all those ads!

02.05.06, 02:11 AM, Mark:

Love that wide angle lens- great perspective and very nice photograph.

02.08.06, 11:57 AM, RONALYN:

Zooming by! THis is great! Love the wide angle.. and I always enjoy a night scene shot.. I love the hustle and bustle of New York! Great capture!

03.09.06, 12:17 PM, anna aspnes:

LOVE this!

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