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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: January 17, 2006 21:15
Focal Length: 31 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/9 - 30 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: None

Here's the last one in the beach-nightshot series. The sand and sky here were difficult to capture without a ton of noise, so I spent quite a bit of time post-processing it until I had something presentable to post. I am still not entirely happy with it but I don't think I can do much more to improve it. What attracted me to this shot is the detail in the sand. It helped to have a ten-pound weight holding the tripod down! Anyway, I hope you haven't grown tired of the series. Thanks so much for all of the comments over the past few days.


01.27.06, 02:34 PM, Gary:

excellent, very painterly, was that also you in the shot from a couple of days ago at North Ave beach?

01.27.06, 04:47 PM, Rock Kauser:

Wonderful image. The sand almost looks like you painted with flash. The water has the wonderful look that only a long exposure at night gives it.

01.28.06, 01:00 AM, pooh:

lovely ethereal effect, simply gorgeous!

01.28.06, 05:51 AM, Still:

The water is like smelt metal. Nice contrast.

01.28.06, 06:00 AM, Sidney:

This was a great series. Very eerie!

01.28.06, 06:01 AM, Brenda Rever:

I love this one. The sky is fabulous and the whole composition of the picture reveals MRB at this moment in time.

01.28.06, 06:05 AM, Brenda Rever:

I love this one. The sky is fabulous and the whole composition of the picture reveals MRB at this moment in time.

01.28.06, 12:38 PM, mistralcolors:

"I hope you haven't grown tired of the series"!...pfff! This one ends your serie like a final triumph!...To my mind, what attracted me is the left part of the pic. The cream sea due to the long exposure time contrasted to the color of the sky!...Great!

01.28.06, 01:31 PM, Ed:

Hey Mike, how long did you have to hold that pose for? Oh, 30 sec. I like how the sand turned out.

01.29.06, 07:22 AM, Bob:

All of the night beach shots were fabulous! I would be hard pressed to select a favorite. Great work!

01.29.06, 11:28 AM, Lynn R:

Fabulous shot Mike, I love it. Looks like a lot of effort went into this, your perfection is wonderful.

01.29.06, 12:32 PM, ana:

This is really great. I love how the sand looks and how it swoops around the water's edge.

01.29.06, 04:24 PM, Matthew Greco:

cool shot, i like the way the sand contrasts with the dark sky.

01.29.06, 08:33 PM, cool daddio:

Very 'other worldly' like your about to leave the beach after a great vacation on europa. Great result.

01.30.06, 05:10 AM, Mareluna:

Beautiful effect... Mars landscape :o)

01.30.06, 09:45 AM, ana:

This turned out great. The sand looks so bright! (I swear I left a comment on this yesterday...) and I love how the shore line curves around the photo.

01.30.06, 09:49 AM, Alicia:

Great series. The smoothness of the water is very soothing and I love the detail in the sand. Adding yourself to the picture was an excellent way to make it more grounded. I see you are in the perfect place using the rule of thirds too.

01.30.06, 01:12 PM, Keith:

Great series and a wonderful self portrait.

01.31.06, 07:12 AM, Mark:

Mike, I think it's an excellent picture. Love the curve of the water and the slight blur of your "subject". Good job.

01.31.06, 04:37 PM, Phil:

Very surreal image! Love how everything is so smooth.

02.03.06, 02:25 AM, jamie:

WOWZA! I see I missed this. WOW!

03.01.06, 06:53 PM, Jide Alakija:

Gosh! I'm blown away by this one. I'd be very interested to know what exactly you did to the shot PS wise. care to share?

04.27.06, 06:21 PM, Nina:

WOW!! Did you intentionally effect the silvery edges around the water? This is stunning.

05.30.08, 04:02 PM, conis:

ooh, sand volleyball. :) this reminds of eating ice cream on a very cold Chicago day.

seriously, i'm amazed at the photo.

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