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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: January 17, 2006 21:21
Focal Length: 20mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/9 - 33 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: None

Here's a different angle on the post shot from a couple of days ago. One of the best things about Chicago is its beautiful skyline which is visible from so many parts of the city. I have always liked the view from this beach, and it is certainly one of the most unusual views anywhere. This is another long-exposure shot, this time with me in the frame. Again as I mentioned a few days ago it was weird how deserted the beach was. In the summer, this beach is covered with thousands of volleyball players, and the juxtaposition of volleyball players with this skyline is very different.


01.25.06, 08:31 AM, keith:

I love these, what a great place. The chap leaning, just taking it all in adds so much to this.

01.25.06, 10:39 AM, Angel:

encantado de conocerte :)

bonita foto.

01.25.06, 11:02 AM, Gary:

love this view from North ave, another cool place for a north to south view is the top floor of the Piper's Alley parking garage, I went up there on one of our forays into the city, but the weather had turned to crap and so were my pics

01.25.06, 11:36 AM, jamie:

LOVE THIS! You're turning into a night photographer? I can't get mine to look this clean - I always have streaks on the photo. This is clear as a bell. Very impressive.

01.25.06, 12:49 PM, mistralcolors:

Good initiative to go there. I definitly love this serie and this one is the best. You are in the right place so the frame is good. Always this impresive Chicago's light....

01.25.06, 09:11 PM, pooh:

great! Well done with managing the exposure, amazing how you were able to stand still in what must be freezing weather.

01.25.06, 10:36 PM, Dennis Rogers:

This is just divine Mike. Excellent job standing still!!

01.26.06, 02:27 AM, Still:

A great an original self portait. superb skyline ...

01.26.06, 05:03 AM, Sidney:

A very powerful image. It looks lik the beach reaches the city!
A very eerie picture!
Technically perfect! Awesome!!!

01.26.06, 05:47 AM, Chantal:

I like the fresh lights of the city skyline

01.26.06, 05:50 AM, Bob:

What a huge beach! You have captured the lights of the city so well. The exposure seems quite long so I am surprised at the detail in the windows -- my attempts usually blow out lit windows in far less than 33 seconds.

01.26.06, 07:30 AM, ana:

You framed this perfectly! Wonderful night shot. I'm very impressed.

01.26.06, 09:45 AM, Rock Kauser:

At f/9 and 33 sec I'm quite surprised that the skyline lights aren't blown away, especially seeing how bright the sky turned out. This is a great idea for a self portrait of you and your city. I think that it might have been slightly improved if you were not directly in line with the building at your head, which would have both separated you from and blended you with the skyline. But that is a minor issue, and the image is still very strong.

01.26.06, 12:48 PM, Alicia:

That is quite a view there. I bet this place is really popular when summer comes.

01.26.06, 10:36 PM, cool daddio:

So much to like about this shot. I like the way the yellow lights end where you are and then are balanced out by the glow at the left end of the city.

01.31.06, 04:45 PM, Phil:

WOW! Amazing shot. Stunning view. I love the city lights.

02.08.06, 12:00 PM, RONALYN:

Amazing self portrait, you, the beach, your city's skyline... Great perspective! Thanks for sharing!

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