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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: January 21, 2006 18:22
Focal Length: 50 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/4.5 - 1/320 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: Manual Strobes

Our friends came by on Saturday afternoon to hang out at the house. We took the opportunity to set up a couple of strobes and take a few shots up in the kids' playroom. This time we didn't bother setting up the background or usual reflectors. When the subjects are photogenic, the pics tend to turn out just fine.


01.24.06, 09:27 AM, Gary:

love those big catchlights and no skin softening needed!

01.24.06, 09:37 AM, Obelix:

Gorgeous. Gorgeous.

01.24.06, 12:01 PM, jamie:

Absolutely perfecto!

I might bug you about lighting after I get back from vacation.

01.24.06, 12:04 PM, Rock Kauser:

What a cutie! Love the point of view you selected.

01.24.06, 12:10 PM, Jeremi:

I love it!

01.24.06, 12:54 PM, mistralcolors:

"the pics tend to turn out just fine.", yes, I agree with you. The reflection in children"s eyes demonstrate that it is a great shot.

01.24.06, 03:34 PM, Angel:

realmente buena. y lindisimo modelo :)

01.24.06, 10:46 PM, pooh:

great catchlights, I love the dof and sereneness of the shot.

01.24.06, 11:31 PM, RONALYN:

This is gorgeous.. It's been a while since I've peeked around your blog.. I will be browsing, if you don't mind! Take care and thanks for keeping in touch!

01.25.06, 04:35 AM, Lynn R:

I'm thinking this little person is a girl? Gorgeous eyes regardless. Nice job Mike, just lovely. :)

01.25.06, 04:36 AM, Chantal:

Beautiful and fragile.

01.25.06, 07:55 AM, Mark:

Now there's some captivating eyes. Great job.

01.26.06, 05:04 AM, Sidney:

Nice angle! Beautiful eyes!

01.26.06, 07:32 AM, ana:

What a beautiful baby. You did a wonderful job with this portrait.

01.26.06, 10:31 PM, cool daddio:

What a wonderful portrait. I hope they're thrilled!

02.10.06, 11:43 PM, shane j montgomery:

killer dof and portrait, good choice for b/w

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