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Capture Date/Time: January 21, 2006 8:45
Focal Length: 10.5 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/5.6 - 1/750 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: None

In Chicago, there are ordinances that forbid letting dogs run around without leashes. I'm glad, for the most part, that people don't always obey. This is a great city for dogs, and if you get up early enough in the morning, you'll see packs of people socializing themselves and their pets. Here is an area of Lincoln Park just by the zoo. There were many dogs and owners out there yesterday morning. The grass was covered with a couple of inches of fresh snow, and the dogs were clearly enjoying it.


01.22.06, 10:22 PM, pooh:

great shot, I love the long shadows and the pole on the right bending.

01.22.06, 11:16 PM, Mark:

Great winter photograph. Like the action with the shephard-like dog that you seem to have caught in mid-stride. Nice capture of the sun, too.

01.23.06, 05:54 AM, ana:

Oh, my dog loves the snow! He gets out there and wants to play soccer! That looks like great fun!

01.23.06, 05:55 AM, Rock Kauser:

I have no problem with dogs running free as long as they are well behaved. I hate it when I'm out for a run in a park and run by an owner and dog and the dog chases me - often with the owner trying to run to keep up and screaming for the dog to stop. The owners need additional training :)

01.23.06, 08:14 AM, Gary:

I'm struck by how sociable this scene is, maybe because almost everybody has a drink in hand, even though its coffee

01.23.06, 02:05 PM, Keith:

Structures was most impressive and this is a very nice wide angle. Igetthe feel of the gathering from it

01.23.06, 05:25 PM, Mareluna:

Tnx for your comment... very nice cold sand !!! bye

01.24.06, 06:02 AM, Chantal:

Nice impression of the moment.

01.24.06, 09:10 PM, Alicia:

An interesting scene. There's a lot of things to notice here, the dogs, the light, the churned show.

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