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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: January 17, 2006 21:20
Focal Length: 22mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/9 - 48 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: None

A few of you asked what the object was in yesterday's shot. It's a large, rusty metal piling on the beachfront that is used to keep boats away from the beach, I believe. As far as I can remember, these have always been there, and are typically submerged more under the water during the summer when the water level is a couple of feet higher. In the past, these pilings were wooden, tar-soaked structures, and I thought that they still were until I came up to them closely. Anyway, here's a different angle to give more perspective. The waves were pretty rough, and with the long exposure I expected them to smooth out, but not this much.

I do think I oversharpened this shot a bit, so I will try to fix it later on this evening at home. For now, this is it!


01.20.06, 10:38 AM, ana:

Oh. My. Gosh. This is so cool! My favorite part of it is where the pilings cut the lights from the city on the water. WOWOWOW. Great stuff.

01.20.06, 11:29 AM, Gary:

great night shot, the rim of reflections on the beach is so cool

01.20.06, 11:59 AM, Alicia:

The colors are really nice. I like the the lights glisten above the entire span of the water.

01.21.06, 06:46 AM, Sidney:

Amazing colors/lights for a night shot. They are so bright!

01.21.06, 07:39 AM, Bob:

In total agreement with Ana on this shot Mike...WOW!! Details to follow!

01.21.06, 12:29 PM, mistralcolors:

Good evening,
Good shot as the precedent. I've got a preference for the precedent. But the city steel making a strong impression on me. Maybe I'm not used with big city near the beach. I'll show you some of us in France...
See you.

01.21.06, 02:36 PM, John:

Another nice image, I like the way the wet sand mirrors the buildings lights

01.21.06, 05:25 PM, Janice:

No I don't think the image is over sharped at all. Did you use a tripod with this slow shutter speed? The water effect is amazing and the lights and just sooo beautiful. I am in awe of this photograph! Hats off to you! Don't change a thing!

01.21.06, 05:37 PM, Dot:

Unusual & beautiful!

01.22.06, 01:55 PM, Rock Kauser:

I really love how the light is split by the pillars. The light play at the water's edge is gorgeous.

01.22.06, 06:05 PM, Claudette San Pedro:

Mike, all I can say is..."WOW, WOW, WOW!" I truly admire your style!

01.22.06, 06:19 PM, rayts: i am about to enter a fantasy island or something. the variety of colors makes it all the more feel surreal. good job.

01.24.06, 09:38 AM, Obelix:

Excellent composition, Rock.

01.24.06, 09:39 AM, Obelix:

Duh, I meant rocks :). I am switching between your blog and Rock's blog and my brain is going nuts.

01.24.06, 11:34 PM, RONALYN:

Wow gorgeous.. great composition. I love the sequential pattern in the water!

02.14.06, 02:59 AM, Ian:

Fantastic! Really like the angle of this shot. Nice exposure too.

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