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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: January 5, 2006 22:03
Focal Length: 10.5 mm fisheye
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/9 - 3 sec
ISO: 200
Flash: None

On the way home from a meeting tonight I walked through the city's Millennium Park to take a night shot of the Bean. It's interesting how drastically different it looks without a lot of people milling around it, perhaps because the people are all reflected in its mirrored surface when they are there. The underside of the sculpture is still undergoing some tedious polishing, so in the cold weather they built a small enclosed shelter under there to protect the workers. That'll be gone in a few months. Anyway, I thought the city looked pretty spectacular tonight.


01.06.06, 01:57 AM, John:

This looks awesome Mike. Great night shot. Did you apply a blue filter to this?

01.06.06, 04:14 AM, Chantal:

I want a fisheye lens sometimes, makes nice and funny shots.

01.06.06, 05:23 AM, Bob:

Very cool Mike. I have been enjoying your use of the superwide. This shot has wonderful balance and uses the distortion perfectly.

01.06.06, 06:43 AM, ana:

Oh, I have never seen the bean at night! It does look great without all the people milling around. The sky was nice, too.

01.06.06, 07:20 AM, Rock Kauser:

My favorite shot of the Bean!

01.06.06, 09:17 AM, *mamo:

wow, how amazing this view. love the deep blue, the frogview. great!

01.06.06, 11:39 AM, Gary:

Great shot of the Bean, Mike. I have a half dozen of so, none of them this good. I'll have to get down there and have another go at it.

01.06.06, 01:25 PM, Alicia:

Wow, the bean looks much better in this magical lighting and perspective. The colors are amazing and nice use of fish eye.

01.06.06, 03:33 PM, ody:


great..fantastic lights..

01.06.06, 05:05 PM, jamie:

WOW! Excellent and ultra-cool shot!

01.06.06, 08:22 PM, cool daddio:

Your making me really love the fisheye. You have a great touch with it.

01.07.06, 12:22 AM, Claudette:

All I can say is "wow, wow, wow!" I just love your style of photography!

01.07.06, 01:27 AM, Sidney:

Cool shot! Great night picture!

01.07.06, 04:14 PM, Brandon:

Great shot... I will have some bean shots posted next week. I love the night shot though... my tripod is horrible, so I didn't even attempt it.

01.08.06, 06:30 PM, rayts:

whoa! excellent. i think you have mastered the fisheye style....neat. the bending of the tall buildings make it more surreal and well...really nice.

01.08.06, 08:53 PM, Michael 2:

Man, you are *fascinated* with The Great Bean. But...I have to admit, it looks pretty cool at night, without people milling around. Like a space pod at rest.

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