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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: July 4, 2005 17:53
Focal Length: 50 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/2.8 - 1/200 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: None

Searching for something yesterday to post, I stumbled across this portrait of my youngest that I took a few months ago. I completely forgot about this, as it was copied into one of those unmarked "unload" directories where I dump pictures to empty a CF card in a hurry. I put him up there to take a very quick portrait just before he went to bed that night. To me, this shot really captures his personality. His expression here reminds me of Calvin from the old "Calvin and Hobbes" cartoon strip.


01.04.06, 09:34 AM, ana:

He looks like a very fun kid. Great portrait!

01.04.06, 10:18 AM, Gary:

cute kid, well done, like the sidelight

01.04.06, 11:17 AM, ody:

:)) sweet baby..

well done michael.. i like so much this's funny!!

01.04.06, 02:40 PM, jamie:


01.04.06, 06:35 PM, Rock Kauser:

He's not spoiled rotten is he? :)

01.05.06, 12:02 AM, Brandon:

Great shot, glad you found it. Amazing expression captured...

01.05.06, 06:27 AM, Chantal:

Awesome portrait, what a nice little boy.

01.05.06, 07:02 AM, stephanie:

How cute!! I love the expression! He looks like he's got something up his sleeve!! And he does look like Calvin!!!

01.05.06, 08:30 PM, Keith:

A really nice portrait, it has great character for a posed shot. And he looks like a character too!

01.05.06, 10:27 PM, cool daddio:

Super portrait. It puts me right back at that age. Thanks.

01.07.06, 01:23 AM, Sidney:

Happy New Year!
He,he... funny picture! Great portrait!
Very cute !

01.08.06, 09:34 AM, Heidi:

Oh, I nearly missed this one! What an extremly nice portrait! So relaxed, even though he is looking right into the view finder! Really well done!! (And I can imagine you like this one a lot too, heh!)

03.28.06, 04:17 PM, Phil:

You have a wonderful son! He looks so happy! He is sure to love this photo when he is older. Brilliant portrait.

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