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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: January 2, 2006 13:26
Focal Length: 10.5 mm fisheye
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/11 - 1/6 sec
ISO: 125
Flash: None

The weather was not much improved today, although it is warmer. It's still gloomy and foggy. But I decided to venture out and grab a shot or two during lunch. This is a shot of a new sculpture on a plaza on Michigan Avenue, near the building where I work. The sculpture is a bunch of heavy metal rusty rings; it must be made by the same guy who designed a few other new metal pieces around the city that I've noticed recently.


01.02.06, 08:37 PM, cool daddio:

The curves of the buildings and sculpture along with 'tunnel' and blurry people is just a really dynamic combination. Super composition.

01.02.06, 11:52 PM, rayts:

wow...without the people and the building as the background, i would have thought this is just a piece rusty coil that you zoomed in. interesting mike.

01.03.06, 12:08 AM, John:

Great shot Mike. I like how the fog is engulfing the tops of the buildings on the left. Looks like the warmth is gonna stick around for a few days, as is the rain.

01.03.06, 01:14 AM, jamie:

i like the contrast of the buildings with the roundness of the structures.

01.03.06, 04:53 AM, stephanie:

I like this structure. Very weird! I like the reflections in the water, too. It may be nasty in NY but atleast you still have things to shoot! :)

01.03.06, 05:25 AM, Bob:

I like the way you have workd with the distortion of the lens to bring the eye back from the fringes to the man subject.

01.03.06, 06:02 AM, Chantal:

Nice photo, very well spotted that this would make a good one.

01.03.06, 06:29 AM, ana:

The buildings, the people and the reflections are wonderful...I love the city when it is encased in fog like that. It just makes you feel like you're part of something special. The art work? Hmmm, can't say I'd purchase anything like that for MY back yard.....!

01.03.06, 09:13 AM, Gary:

nice capture of the sculpture, it really creates a lot of tension in the bleak city scape

01.03.06, 12:30 PM, Rock Kauser:

A fine use of a fisheye. The rainy, dreary weather adds a lot to the feel and mood of the image.

01.03.06, 07:03 PM, Keith:

The buildings look as if they are bending around the spiral. Excelent image.

01.03.06, 07:28 PM, Claudette:

Hey Mike, I have to say, you have tons of great stuff to photograph out there in Chicago!!!! I love your perspective of things...

Happy New Year to you and your family!!

01.06.06, 09:23 AM, *mamo:

amazing view! nice contrats between the vertikal buildings and this circle. what kind of camera used?

01.10.06, 09:09 AM, shane j montgomery:

the blur on the people and wide angle really bring this picture to life. trapped in the space time continium

01.11.06, 04:32 PM, Phil:

Its a very interesting piece of art, I do like it.

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