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Nikon D100

Capture Date/Time: February 3, 2005 18:12
Focal Length: 65 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/4.5 - 1/13 sec
ISO: 320
Flash: None

Thanks everyone for the comments on yesterday's shot. Time to move, perhaps for a bit, to something completely different. I don't usually do street photography, but I plan on trying my hand at that as a new year's resolution. As I was looking through my 2005 shots and getting ready to archive them over to a different hard drive, I came across this shot. I had meant to post it but forgot about it.

For those of you who may not know, this is Karl Lagerfeld, a famous fashion designer, or so I've heard. I was strolling in NYC on a project for work nearly a year ago, and saw him out there doing a photo shoot of some supermodel standing in the middle of Fifth Avenue. Apparently he is famous for being quite a renaissance man. I thought it quite odd that he had a large posse standing around him helping him take the shots, including a guy holding a laptop with a two-foot tether to the strange camera he was holding. Also, one of these guys was actually helping him hold the camera up in front of his face, and another guy was focusing the lens! They moved back and forth together like a bunched up group of rugby players. To top it off, he was standing there in a fur coat. One of the strangest sights I've ever seen.


12.29.05, 12:51 PM, Ed:

Whenever I see him on TV, it's with his trademark foldup fan. I didn't know he took fashion photos. I used to be really into fashion in my teenage years. That might be a medium format camera.

12.29.05, 01:40 PM, jamie:

I'm not into street photography myself, but this story kicks butt. The weirdness of being famous and WEIRD. I think the word I'm really looking for is WEIRD. What a weirdo! (Him, not you). Thanks for the laught.

12.29.05, 03:41 PM, Rock:

I am a photographer... I can't hold my own camera. I need somebody to focus for me. I can't determine my own exposure. I need a large crew to make sure I don't screw up. I am a photographer...

Funny story Mike! Gave me the laugh of the day :)

12.29.05, 04:27 PM, Heidi:

I can only copy Jamie and Rock! But I have to add, that this shot is superb! I checked out the Model too of course, and she definitely is, well, a Model!

12.29.05, 06:54 PM, cool daddio:

Perfectly captures the whole back story you presented. Very cool shot.

12.30.05, 03:31 AM, navin harish:

Seems like someone is one a secret mission.

12.30.05, 05:12 AM, Chantal:

A journalistic shot!!

12.30.05, 07:04 AM, ana:

He looks very important...indeed. Glad you decided to post this one. Was it sunny?

12.30.05, 09:43 AM, Gary:

excellent street shot and a good story-he looks like he's on some kind of surveillance mission

12.30.05, 03:06 PM, Ariela:

When I saw this photo my first impression was: "hey, that guy looks like a fashion designer or something" and turns out, I was right! He has a very interesting face

01.02.06, 08:24 AM, Alicia:

No wonder he has the camera, that look on his face, and those sunglasses.

01.11.06, 04:37 PM, Phil:

Very funny story. Quite surprising really that the model is holding a cigarette. Or maybe it isnt, I dont think I have known the fashion industry to have much of a positive influence on youth and society.

01.15.06, 08:13 AM, Angel:

greeeat :)

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