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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: November 17, 2005 15:04
Focal Length: 10.5 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/3 - 1/40 sec
ISO: 320
Flash: None

This is the famous Christmas tree in the Walnut Room of Marshall Field's flagship store downtown. Having Christmas or Easter brunch here is a tradition going back decades for many of us here in Chicago. For me, this is still the place to meet my mom for lunch next to the tree. Hopefully when Macy's takes over next year and erases the Marshall Field's name, they keep this tradition going, just a little bit at least.

By the way, today is the 200th picture posted on MikesRightBrain! Time certainly flies... it feels like yesterday when it went live. Heck I'm still working the kinks out of the site now! Thanks to all of you for visiting over the past few months.


12.21.05, 01:43 PM, John:

Nice shot here Mike. The fisheye look works well. Congrats on the 200th shot too.

12.21.05, 05:38 PM, Bob:

Of course congrats on the 200th, yes we are like twins in this world. We have been together in this pretty much from the start! Great picture for christmas!

12.21.05, 06:49 PM, Rock:

I wonder if this would fit in my living room :) Congrats on number 200!

12.21.05, 08:45 PM, jamie:

Happy 200th post! I passed that same milestone a few weeks ago.

Beautiful tree and lovely perspective. I hope Macy's keeps up the tradition, too.

12.22.05, 03:47 AM, ROB:

Such a grand room. But why the walnut room? I can hardly see any woodwork at all.

12.22.05, 05:06 AM, Chantal:

I love those big trees.

12.22.05, 05:31 AM, stephanie:

Yay!! 200 posts!!
Great pic!! Great lens choice!! That tree is gorgeous!!

12.22.05, 05:42 AM, Lynn R:

Great shot Mike, I love it! Way-to-go on your 200th! :)

12.22.05, 07:56 AM, keith:

Little traditions like this seem increasingly important qas we deal with so much change at work etc (Change management would not have been a management topic even 10 years ago i suppose). Happy 200 and Merry Christmas.

12.22.05, 10:25 AM, Alicia:

That's quite a display they got going on there. The tree is huge! I love the perspective and how little the people look in comparison tot the tree that spans nearly three stories! Congratulations on your 200th post! Is it me or a lot of bloggers making it to 200 lately? Keep on posting.

12.22.05, 07:41 PM, cool daddio:

Congratulations! This is a great presentation of what sounds like a primo locale for a holiday moment.

12.26.05, 01:47 AM, tetsu:

Beautiful shot!
The building is too tight for the tree, I guess. :-P

12.26.05, 05:46 PM, Claudette San Pedro:

Mike, this is amazing!!! I can't imagine how you were able to get the tree so bright w/o a flash!!! Shows you what an amateur I am :-) Great job on this!!

12.27.05, 09:19 AM, VelviaPix:

How cool!
10.5 mm? Perfect for this huh!
huge tree, and very cool shot because the lens distorsion in the ceiling frames the tree really nice.

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