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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: December 18, 2005 17:53
Focal Length: 10.5 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/3.5 - 1/0.3 sec
ISO: 640
Flash: None

Thanks to everyone again for the wonderful comments. This is a shot of my oldest swinging on a huge swing at the "From Nothing" show at the Red Moon Theater. It's hard to describe this interactive "show," which basically is a huge warehouse with interactive, "go-ahead-and-touch-it" exhibits for kids to play with. The whole warehouse is painted to look like a dream, with giant, puffy cotton clouds floating around, walls and floors painted blue with clouds, huge pirate ships swinging on chains, and giant movable beds with lots of puffy down comforters. You could even stick your head into some of the clouds and watch dreams happen inside them. When you go in, you even put on a flannel bathrobe to get comfortable. The best part about this was that they didn't mind if you used your camera!


12.20.05, 10:10 AM, Ed:

A fitting title for this shot. The motion blur and distortion is just right for creating that dreamy look.

12.20.05, 10:42 AM, Gary:

unique motion shot, it always fun to see something I haven't seen before

12.20.05, 10:48 AM, Bob:

Sounds like a fun place. And this picture is fabulous Mike, it really illustrates the dreamlike message.

12.20.05, 11:10 AM, stephanie:

I love the movement in this, Mike! It really gives it a great dream effect!! Sounds like a fun exhibit! Hope it comes my way!

12.20.05, 12:34 PM, Chantal:

I like the effect that the photo simulates movement.

12.20.05, 03:13 PM, keith:

A really crackingshot. I can feel the motion, it is fantastic.

12.20.05, 09:41 PM, cool daddio:

Captures the fun well and I really like the colors here.

12.21.05, 05:13 AM, ody:

Merry Christmas my friend!!

12.21.05, 02:30 PM, Diane:

Love this one! It indeed has a wonderful dream-like quality. I also really like the colors with your daughter's dress being the focal point.

12.21.05, 06:50 PM, Rock:

What a ride!

12.22.05, 10:27 AM, Alicia:

Wow, love the dream-like motion blur and the colors. I would love to get on that swing.

12.22.05, 11:54 PM, Tai:

This is fantastic. I've always wanted to try doing motion blurred shots with a single subject in focus, but all of my attempts have either 1) no motion, or 2) no subject in focus. Alas.

01.04.06, 06:59 AM, Jason Dale:

This is a really nice shot Mike. The light, the colour and the movement create something magical.

01.24.06, 08:08 PM, Bruce Marcus:

great image Mike, see ya manana @ South H20 Cafe 11:45

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