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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: November 26, 2005 11:52
Focal Length: 22 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/2.8 - 1/200 sec
ISO: 250
Flash: None

This is a closeup of a Christmas tree sculpture made up of silver balls. I was intrigued by the very organic look of it. It looked more Christmas-y in color, because of the red decorations and carpet that were reflected in the balls, but I opted for the BW version to take some of the focus away from the subject of the reflection.


12.07.05, 05:45 PM, Bob:

Multiple self portraits! Cool and nice in B&W

12.07.05, 06:11 PM, Rock:

I think this is about the most self protraits that I've ever seen in a single image! Really fun stuff. Hey, your site remembered my information - hurray :)

12.07.05, 09:08 PM, cool daddio:

Works well. I like the organic feel also.

12.08.05, 12:00 AM, rayts:

awesome. it kinda disturbed me for awhile...where to look first and then you'll realized they reflect the same images. black and white is better, i think so too.

12.08.05, 03:24 AM, Ronalyn:

How creative is this! I see you! Very creative self portrait! The mulitple reflection is awesome!

12.08.05, 05:04 AM, Dan:

Really cool, like the crop. Great photo, and I think the B&W conversion works really well.

12.08.05, 06:36 AM, Heidi:

Wow Mike, this is extremly cool!

12.08.05, 06:57 AM, stephanie:

That is really cool! I love that!! You need to send that to
I want to see the color just for curiousity but I LOVE this!!!

12.08.05, 07:33 AM, Alicia:

Big and small reflections, very sparkly and full of interest.

12.08.05, 09:00 AM, Gary:

very cool and unique photo

12.08.05, 11:16 AM, Mareluna:

Bubbles reflections... the world through a bubble...
Veeeery nice shot !!

12.08.05, 01:27 PM, Diane:

Mike, this really works well in black and white. The mystery of what it was fascinated me...looked like oily bubbles. The detail and clarity is just superb.

12.18.05, 11:46 PM, Obelix:

Well seen, Mike.

01.11.06, 04:48 PM, Phil:

This is very cool and I think it looks great in b&w.