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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: November 24, 2005 11:32
Focal Length: 31 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/6 - 1/250 sec
ISO: 250
Flash: None

We are spending the Thanksgiving holiday in New York City. This is a picture from this morning, where we watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from a unique vantage point. We have friends who have a remarkable apartment on Central Park West, overlooking the starting line of the parade. Other than worrying about falling out of the window, it was really great getting some very different crowd shots. This is the Grover balloon (a character from the Muppets), a parade regular. For those of you who may not know, this parade is famous for the number of huge helium-inflated characters that are maneuvered throught the streets by a large crew of "handlers." I'll be posting more images from the parade in the next few days. Happy Thanksgiving!


11.24.05, 03:15 PM, keith:

Fantastic shot. I wasnt ware of the parade. it looks like photo heaven from above or below.

11.24.05, 04:54 PM, stephanie:

wow what a shot! That's a great view! you must have had a blast! great color in the picture!

11.24.05, 05:44 PM, JAMIE:

Really cool, Mike. I thought you lived in Chicago, then read through this. HOW COOL! I'm jealous. I just saw that one of the balloons crashed and injured a Mom & Daughter :(

Happy Thanksgiving!

11.24.05, 06:45 PM, Bob:

Wonderful perspective. Hope you enjoy your stay in NYC!

11.24.05, 10:35 PM, Eric:

fantastic. Before reading your comments I asked my brother (home for the holiday from chicago) "hey they have a parade in Chicago like the Macy's in NY?" He looked at me like I had two heads. Great shot and I hope you have a great trip. I haven't been to Chicago yet but I think we both know just how photogenic NYC can be.

11.25.05, 04:31 AM, Lynn R:

Terrific perspective Mike! .... Great shot. :)

11.25.05, 05:27 AM, Sidney:

WOW ! Very unusual view!
That is really amazing!

11.25.05, 06:21 AM, Chantal:

Interesting angle.

11.25.05, 07:44 AM, Alastair:

I remember the Macy's parade very well; what a great perspective you guys had!
A belated Happy Thanksgiving!

11.25.05, 09:38 AM, odY:

i have never seen this before!!

fantastic! did you enjoy there??? :PP

i'd like to be inside this shot!!

11.25.05, 11:03 AM, Cool daddio:

Fantastic shot all around, colors composition and what a POV! Taken..processed..posted..and all by dinner while out of town..that's cool too.

11.25.05, 12:50 PM, Ed:

I love this perspective. It makes Super Grover actually look super.

11.25.05, 04:38 PM, Rock:

What a great perspective! The framing is perfect.

11.25.05, 09:00 PM, Claudette San Pedro:

Truly another great angle! Lucky you and your family were able to be there in person...I have one more year left here in the East Coast and maybe next year I'll go to NY to be there live before heading back west...

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