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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: November 19, 2005 14:24
Focal Length: 17 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/2.8 - 1/160 sec
ISO: 160
Flash: None

Yes, we have to rake leaves here in the city, too! This shot is funny, because my boys helped me this weekend, and I had a great time heaving them into a huge leafpile. The pile was probably a good four feet tall. Now the funny thing is this pic makes it look like we had gathered leaves from a two-acre lot, when in actuality, we live on a typical city lot that is 25 feet wide. In fact, our front "lawn" is only 16 feet by 18 feet!


11.23.05, 05:07 PM, jamie:

Very cute, Mike!

11.23.05, 07:30 PM, Jen:

SO not fair that you have such adorable children...hmm, maybe I ought to invest in a couple so I'll have some great built-in photo subjects.

lol, great shot Mike

11.23.05, 10:57 PM, Keith:

I have some children helping with the leaves photos which mostly include them lying down or kicking them about. Lots of fun but not much help. Nice smiles.

11.24.05, 05:55 AM, Chantal:

A dear friend took some like these too, great photos

11.25.05, 09:01 PM, claudette San Pedro:

Another great Fall picture! I definitely need to take advantage of the fall before heading back home! Thanks for inspiration, will have to try this next year!

11.27.05, 12:39 PM, Diane:

This is a great classical photo. You and your kids will look back on this with great memories...and I imagine that the kids will remember this lawn as being "huge"!

12.18.05, 11:48 PM, Obelix:

This is the best photo of your kids I have seen, Mike.

Do print this BIG and frame it.

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