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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: November 12, 2005 11:15
Focal Length: 85 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/4.8 - 1/90 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: None

I spent a very long day at a state chess tournament with my daughter yesterday. Luckily I had my camera with me. She had a hard time there because the competition was stiff, but I am proud of her for fighting on and staying with it. She was reluctant to stay on the school's chess team this year, given the fact that she was the only girl in her grade on the team and most of her friends were doing other activities. While she loves the sports and art and other extracurriculars she does, I'm convinced that she secretly likes chess the best because it challenges her in so many ways. What she really loves is the fact that no one in our family (relatives included) can defeat her anymore... she cleans our clocks quite handily.

The funny thing is that chess is such a mature game, but she is still just a little kid. In between rounds, after long bouts of serious concentration (you can see her in the middle here doing just that), she would sit down and play with Polly Pocket dolls with a teammate... what a study in contrasts!


11.01.05, 02:43 PM, VelviaPix:

Very nice, good angle and above all, I like the fact that it is an image that has value beyond the picture.
Do you find it hard to be creative when shooting pics of your kids? I do. This one is nice, though. The shooting angle as well as the inclination of the shot make it very "visually interesting".

11.14.05, 04:24 AM, Lynn R:

... great lighting here Mike. All those "great" minds, ... WOW! :)

11.14.05, 05:50 AM, Sidney:

Nice capture of the action!
Chess is probably the best game for one's mind!

I have put you in my favorite links so that I don't forget to visit you more often!

11.14.05, 06:38 AM, keith:

I rather like the empty chair.

11.14.05, 06:39 AM, Chantal:

great impression of the event.

11.14.05, 06:46 AM, Bob:

I like the play of sunlight and shadow across the room. Nice picture.

11.14.05, 12:05 PM, Alicia:

Very apt title except for the kid in the orange who seems to be impatient with his opponent who's in deep concentration. This is a interesting perspective. The desks are setup very orderly and with the checkboard pattern and the angle, it makes for a different of shot.

11.14.05, 12:55 PM, Ed:

It reminds me of grade 6 when we used to stay indoors at recess to play chess. I love the story. A good capture. I like the lighting coming from the side, creating the long shadows of the chess pieces.

11.14.05, 04:04 PM, J A M I E:

Wow - really cool perspective. You like shooting up high, it seems. This reminds me of Little Man Tate.

11.14.05, 05:29 PM, Rock:


Wonderful picture that brings back fond memories!

11.14.05, 08:12 PM, rayts:

it's a shame that i don't even know how to play chess. :( what a bummer. nice work on this one Mike. i get a bunch of reactions...the bored, the musing, etc. the colorful clothes of the children surely added a nice touch to the photo.

11.15.05, 12:42 AM, Mike:

Thanks for the comments! Keith you are right about the empty chair. I think that's quite funny in this picture. If an opponent doesn't show up for a game you have to sit there and wait until you're excused from play...

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