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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: November 5, 2005 18:10
Focal Length: 50 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/1.8 - 1/80 sec
ISO: 800
Flash: None

This is my youngest standing among the leaves in a local park. The rain was spitting quite heavily this weekend. I wish I had raked the leaves on our lawn before they got all wet... Looking at the shot now on my screen, I should have saved it at higher quality because it looks kind of grainy. Will try to fix that from home tonight.

** Sorry for the lack of postings in the past few days. My Mac unexpectedly crashed after a software upgrade problem this weekend. After many hours of help from a friend, I think everything is working properly now.


11.08.05, 05:30 AM, Chantal:

Very nice photo. Love kids in picture, they look so innocent.

11.08.05, 06:43 AM, Bob:

Nice point of view... you must have been standing on something to get that high above him. Works well for the composition.

11.08.05, 08:01 AM, jasonspix:

Great perspective!

11.08.05, 08:30 AM, keith:

Nice height and complementary colours of leaves jacket umbrella and great smirking smile

11.08.05, 09:28 AM, Alicia:

Blue umbrella and jacket coordinate nicely and I love the angle. He looks so tiny from the perspective. To top it off the leaves are a interesting backdrop.

11.08.05, 10:19 AM, Brandon:

Great shot. He looks like he is have a lot of fun posing for you.

11.08.05, 10:35 AM, Claudette:

Oooh, love the contrast of the yellow to the blue! Cute son and a great capture!

11.08.05, 12:22 PM, J A M I E:

Really cute capture!

11.08.05, 12:34 PM, Heidi:

Mike, this is a lovely shot. I wish though that the colors would be a bit more "intense" kind of thing. Your son has a 1 million dollar smile!

11.08.05, 03:14 PM, M Reza:

yeah ! a lovely photo , your son looks great !

11.08.05, 06:53 PM, Obelix:

Excellent shot.

11.08.05, 09:21 PM, Rock:

I really like how the colors of the umbrella mimics his coat and the leaves. Great smile.

11.09.05, 03:38 AM, odY:

mike..let me say that i love your shots!!
this one is so...


11.09.05, 03:45 AM, rayts:

ahh, he's cute! your subject is at the right position...enough to provide sight at the leaves on the ground.

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