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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: October 28, 2005 13:09
Focal Length: 24 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/5 - 1/100 sec
ISO: 160
Flash: None

Well, the Chicago White Sox won the World Series last week after an 88-year wait. Our city's mayor, a legendary White Sox fan, had a ticker-tape parade for the Sox on Friday at noon. The mobs were unbelievable. I tried to get in there to take a few shots at lunchtime, but I quickly got wedged in among the fans and couldn't move. I managed to jump up and take this shot down LaSalle Street just after the buses carrying the players passed by. For those of you who don't know Chicago, LaSalle Street ends right at the core of the city's financial district. You can see the Chicago Board of Trade building, built in 1930, at the end of the street. A perfect place to have a ticker-tape parade.

I just realized that this photo looks very much like one of my oldest shots in the archive taken in NYC last year. I guess I like taking pictures of crowds.


10.31.05, 01:03 PM, Keith:

What a sea of bodies. It looks like an impressive city I have not been yet. I like the fact that you have put the people in perspective with the tall buildings it is a very strong image. The many faces looking in different direction sis also very interesting.

10.31.05, 01:09 PM, Obelix:

Congrats, Mike.

10.31.05, 01:40 PM, Alicia:

Wow, it got very packed. One of the men, looks happy to have his picture taken. It makes for good photos, but I hate crowds this large.

10.31.05, 01:44 PM, bmoll:

Well said - a sea of bodies. The street becomes pretty narrow while looking at it now. I haven't experienced walking down such a place (in this case " to experience" is a good verb, there are hardly such tall buildings in my country), maybe something similar, but not as astonishing as this one. Good that's rather an extraordinary crowd :).

10.31.05, 02:12 PM, Rock:

Well, last year the Red Sox, this year the White Sox... can the Cubs be next ?

10.31.05, 04:30 PM, Ariela:

So many people! I love how the perspective of this shot emphasizes how crowded the street is.

Happy Halloween!

10.31.05, 04:36 PM, ROB:

That sure is a celebration, but ager 88 years it has been a long time coming so not surprising so many came out for it.

10.31.05, 05:17 PM, Anna Aspnes:

That's a lot of bodies. Great Angle!

10.31.05, 05:44 PM, Mareluna:

Like a "people jam" ;o)

10.31.05, 05:50 PM, jasonspix:

That's alot of people!

11.01.05, 05:55 AM, Bob:

This shot evokes images of post WWII pics with people celebrating the end of the war. I love your use of B&W to create a kind of "newsy" mood.

11.01.05, 06:03 AM, *pixeldose:

wow, thats very impressive! like a different structure between the architecture. the buildings seems to be sculptures which are providing a special space in between.!

11.01.05, 07:03 AM, Chantal:

Love the choice for B&W here.

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