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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: October 9, 2005 18:14
Focal Length: 50 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/4 - 1/60 sec
ISO: 200
Flash: None

Took the kids to Cricket Hill last weekend, which is a popular site to fly kites. It was a beautiful evening, and the kids were anxious to launch their Estes rockets, which they built over the summer. I must say that launching these brought back so many memories of doing the same thing when I was a kid. The smell of the burnt-out rocket "engine" (something close to the smell of an expended firecracker), the careful wrapping of the parachute, the panic as the descending rocket approaches surrounding trees and the plain excitement as you watch the thing soar hundreds of feet into the sky. I realized a few things after this outing: 1) my eyes are pretty bad--I couldn't see the rockets at the apex of their flight; 2) my kids run really fast, even up and downhill; and 3) the city looks beautiful from the top of that hill!


10.15.05, 08:52 PM, Sidney:

Nice series. Love the expressions in your kids faces. That must have been fun !
You have cute children !

10.15.05, 11:35 PM, Obelix:

Oh, this looks like fun.

10.16.05, 03:08 AM, Leo:

Man, that brings back good memories of high school. Building a 2 stage rocket, going out to a dry lake bed and launching that sucker off. ^_^

I like the second shot the best; thouhg I wish the kids were in focus for that one.

10.16.05, 07:32 AM, Bob:

Nice series of shots Mike. The center one is phemonenal because I know how fast those little rockets move! Your description reminds me of one time when we launched my son's rocket and watched as the wind blew into the middle of a pond and ended all our fun!

10.16.05, 09:14 AM, Alicia:

Wow, nice capture of a series of action. Looks exciting. I also like the colors of the park and the sunset with the city in the background.

10.16.05, 10:05 AM, Rock:

I can hear the kids oohing and aahing! The youngest looks a bit concerned in the first shot and very happy in the last.

10.16.05, 11:48 AM, Ed:

This is a terrific sequence. Cool action with the rocket. This will be a fun memory for both you and them.

10.16.05, 08:39 PM, rayts:

aww, cool series Mike! haha, enjoyed it. i could imagine you guys counting..."dadeee, are we ready?!" "not yet k ds, dadee needs to adjust the aperture first!"


10.17.05, 02:11 PM, jasonspix:

Awesome...I need to do that with my kids.

12.23.05, 11:39 AM, ana:

Your children are beautiful! Glad I peeked in to the archives! That looks like great fun.

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