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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: October 9, 2005 8:01
Focal Length: 24 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/22 - 0.4 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: None

For the first time in eight years, I have had to sit out the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon this year due to a serious ankle injury. For those of you who are avid runners, you understand how devastating and depressing it can be to be on the sidelines for an event like this, especially one that you look forward to every year. Anyway, this year I made lemonade out of those lemons and decided to get out there and take some photographs of the race. Shots from today's marathon will be posted throughout this week.

This is a prime vantage point on the southern edge of upper Columbus drive, on a bridge-like overpass extending over lower Columbus drive. The starting line of the race is just 1/8 mile directly south of where this shot was taken (just a bit beyond the silver Gehry bridge in the middle of the picture). In order to get a dramatic starting line shot (and a shot without this blasted road median), I tried to get on the Gehry bridge at about 6:30 am. The bridge was blocked off to everyone except those with a press pass. I tried every trick I had in the book, including showing off my big tripod, offering cash, telling them I left my pass at home, etc. I even tried the Jedi mind trick and it didn't work. So I had to wander back to this spot, but I'm still pleased with what I got.

To make sure I staked my claim, I got up at just before 6am (for an 8am race start). To make it even easier, I just spent Saturday night in my office, which is located just a couple of blocks from this spot. I was able to get lots of work done the evening before, so it was well worth it! I met some great photographers and a fellow photoblogger, John, who has some really outstanding shots on his Photoentropy site, including a portrait of yours truly (or rather the back of my head while taking this shot).


10.10.05, 06:15 AM, ana:

I really like the blur and the focus on this one...looks like a chilly morning, though.

10.10.05, 08:57 AM, Heidi:

Excellent capture of the mass of runners and the excitement of the day. Sorry you couldn't participate.

10.10.05, 09:00 AM, jasonspix:

Great capture of the action. Awesome.

10.10.05, 12:43 PM, Obelix:

Very sweet. Mike, can you burn the clouds a bit? That would add more drama.

Sorry to hear that you could not run, Mike :(. Next year.

10.10.05, 03:09 PM, Heidi:

Mike, this photo makes me understand how you must have felt... But somehow ok that you could not take part, so you now have this great picture, heh! Always look at the bright side of life!

10.10.05, 03:12 PM, Mareluna:

"Let's go!" ... beautiful shot Mike... :)

10.10.05, 03:34 PM, Rock:

Mike, this is one of the coolest marathon shots that I've ever seen! It beautifully captures the spirit of the moment.

I missed last years Columbus Marathon because of some unexpected cancer treatments and I'm not ready physically yet for this years so I know how difficult it is for a runner to be on the sidelines with his or her camera :(

10.10.05, 05:31 PM, Ronalyn:

What an awesome action shot.. It was at a great vantage point where you were! Too bad you didn't get to paticipate this time around.. There is next time.. Can't wait to see more!

10.10.05, 06:38 PM, John:

Great shot mike. I love the idea here, showing the motion of the runners. I can't wait to see more. Are you planning on running it next year if your ankle feels better?

10.10.05, 06:47 PM, Andy:

Great motion capture. I doubt a shot from the starting line would have been this cool.

10.10.05, 08:53 PM, rayts:

i dunno if i'm the only one. but looking at this shot, i swear i could feel those people moving. i feel the rush.

10.10.05, 08:56 PM, Sidney:

Amazing capture of this marathon. What a great feel of motion !

10.11.05, 01:01 AM, odY:

wow!! great this movement!!

10.11.05, 04:48 AM, Bob:

Your photography has been simply astounding recently Mike!! This shot is fantastic. And I notice that your audience is expanding quite rapidly!!

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