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Nikon D100

Capture Date/Time: October 9 2004 13:32
Focal Length: 50 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/5 - 1/640 sec
ISO: 200
Flash: None

A shot from the refreshment table at a kids road race last fall. I was flipping through some old pics and noticed how the fall sun (as opposed to the summer sun) was so apparent even in just the light in this shot.


09.27.05, 10:53 AM, Claudette:

I feel like I've just ran on around the neighborhood and I really am hot and in need of a nice COLD drink!!! This is great, cause I truly fee that way just by looking at this photograph!

09.27.05, 11:35 AM, VelviaPix:

Very refeshing Mike! ;o)
Fun shot, very vivid.

09.27.05, 12:56 PM, Rock:

This is a nice ad shot Mike but you got the Propel bottle turned the wrong way :) Good stuff for a grab shot, it almost looks like a studio setup.

09.27.05, 03:59 PM, Mareluna:

Refreshing shot :O)

09.27.05, 07:05 PM, rayts:

you know this could be a good advertisement shot for Propel or Gatorade...the colors made a lovely feature to this photo.

09.28.05, 04:39 AM, Chantal:

That is a lot of energy all together.

09.28.05, 04:59 AM, Lynn R:

I like the bright sunlight in this shot, and as usual Mike, your colour saturation is bang-on! ... Nice shot. :)

09.28.05, 07:10 AM, Sidney:

Colorful !

09.28.05, 07:22 AM, Ronalyn:

Thirsty.. is what I feel when I see this. Refreshing! Cool! Reminds me of outdoor soccer! My boys need tons of drinks! Great shot!

09.30.05, 10:00 AM, Bob:

I love this shot too Mike... great capture... could be an advert shot!

10.01.05, 12:00 AM, Lady of the House:

Makes me thirsty!

10.09.05, 03:00 PM, jasonspix:

mmmm it.

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