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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: August 13, 2005 9:35
Focal Length: 50 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/4.5 - 1/160 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: Strobes fired

Here is a studio shot of our dear friends who were recently here for a visit. We set up a small studio in the kids' playroom and lit the scene with several strobes against a white background. Surprisingly, the shots I ended up choosing were the first shots taken out of the dozens that were snapped. This is a composite of three shots, of course, taken against a high-key background.


09.26.05, 07:50 AM, Sidney:

Nice !
Flying high. Cute !

09.26.05, 08:39 AM, Alicia:

Wow, what an exciting capture. It's very surreal since you don't see any background. The effect is great. They must have been on a trampoline.

09.26.05, 09:41 AM, Rock:

Might as well jump! A really nice group portrait with lots of zest and energy.

09.26.05, 11:37 AM, bmoll:

A nice opposition to yesterday's. I wish that pic was a medium size poster :).

And there's something wrong with "Remember me" option - it doesn't work. Cookies enabled, though.

09.26.05, 02:13 PM, Kristina:

This is really fun and classy. I like it!

09.26.05, 02:57 PM, Rich:

Fun shot. Nice work

09.26.05, 02:59 PM, Obelix:

Excellent, excellent shot.

09.26.05, 06:11 PM, Malinda lipe:

Oh this is so fun! This is a perfect shot to hang in a playroom.

09.26.05, 06:19 PM, Michael 2:

Fun shot. Didn't know your friends have mastered the art of flight.

09.26.05, 08:35 PM, Andy:

Really cool shot. What a great and original idea for a family portrait.

09.27.05, 02:36 AM, Anna Aspnes:

Would love to know what your specs are on this. Been trying to capture my three yesr old umping on the couch and they tend to be blurry though think it's a lighting issue or lack of!

09.27.05, 05:48 AM, Chantal:

Perfect timing!

09.28.05, 07:23 AM, Ronalyn:

Oh how fun! I love this shot.. spontaneous! I love thier expressions.. espicially mom's! thanks for sharing

10.04.05, 06:04 AM, cool daddio:

Very nice.

10.09.05, 03:01 PM, jasonspix:

Love it. Very creative.

10.11.05, 02:19 PM, Jason Dale:

As I said on my previous comment "creating" the shot is something I need to work on, you seem to manage it effortlessly. This is a really fine, exiting, fun portrait, great work!

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