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Nikon D2X

I'm in a bit of a hurry today and I can't access my EXIF data right now, so I'll put in a brief description. I believe I took this using the D2X and a 50mm lens, no flash.

This is a closeup portion of a sculpture. More particularly, it is a very cool partial female torso form that is covered with sharpened pencils. I cannot remember the name of the artist, but his works are fairly popular. One of these days I'll include a shot of the entire thing.


09.23.05, 06:36 PM, Lynn R:

WOW Mike! ... what a cool shot. I wish it was a tad larger, but that's OK. Great focus and wonderful colour. :)

09.23.05, 09:32 PM, rayts:

whoa! this is interesting...what a great pattern. i can't imagine the whole sculpture though.

09.24.05, 02:04 AM, Sidney:

Lovely pattern and perspective.
Female torso ? :-)

09.24.05, 05:12 AM, Rock:

A pencil flower!

09.24.05, 04:08 PM, Bob:

Excellent composition Mike, I really like it a lot. (ps, I really wish you site would learn who I am, I keep telling it to remember e but it has Alzheimers or something)

09.24.05, 04:44 PM, ody:

we were the story of a ended love..

p.s. really fantastic all these pencils.. great colors..

09.24.05, 04:44 PM, Mike:

Bob (and to all) - Thanks for the comments and yes, there is a lingering problem with the comment fields, from the window size to the "remembering." Still trying to fix all that. Thanks for your patience! Mike

09.25.05, 12:33 AM, RobW:

Had me guess why all the pencils where there thats for sure.

09.26.05, 08:41 AM, Alicia:

At first I thought it was a closeup of a flower. That's definitely artistic.

09.26.05, 03:00 PM, Obelix:


10.05.05, 01:15 AM, suseu:

nice one

10.09.05, 03:02 PM, jasonspix:

Interesting texture to this.

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