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Nikon D100

Capture Date/Time: January 9, 2003 19:27
Lens: 24-80 mm F/4 AF DX Nikkor
Focal Length: 34 mm
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/5 - 1/60 sec
ISO: 400
Flash: none

Celtic Fest was held here in Chicago this past weekend. Although my daughter decided last year that she had had enough of Irish dancing, I still feel somewhat connected to the activity because we made so many good friends during our years with the Trinity School of Irish Dance. I looked back and found this shot I took during one of the school's practices. It looks somewhat contrived but it really wasn't; the shoes were just sitting there quite photogenically. (For those of you who may not know, these are "hard shoes," the ones that go clickety-clack. They are expensive as heck and they must be fitted very precisely. In other words, you have to replace them every 4 months. I didn't argue with my daughter when she said she wanted to move on to some other less expensive activity!)


09.21.05, 01:37 PM, Mareluna:

Strange Subject... but nice Black and White shot :)

09.21.05, 08:07 PM, rayts:

every 4 months?! wow...that's heavy...

this might sound funny, but when I was takin' photography classes in college, my favorite subject would have to be shoes (rubber shoes, leather shoes, whatever is available) but i couldn't materialize the image in my head and to think that most of these are staged.

anyway, i'm gonna try it with my Chucks this weekend. you just gave me the right motivation Mike! thanks...

09.22.05, 04:00 AM, ian:

A wonderful idea for an image - works well in B&W

09.22.05, 05:47 AM, Chantal:

Very nice photo, perfect composition adn B&W is the way to go here.

09.22.05, 06:25 AM, Sidney:

Fantastic with the dansers still visible in the background. Excellent !

09.22.05, 06:43 AM, Bob:

Very nice shot Mike, the DOF is perfect! And B&W works well for this shot with the stark black shoes in the foreground

09.22.05, 03:17 PM, Diane:

Love this shot, Mike. One feels the energy of the shoes with the motion in the background

09.23.05, 04:30 AM, Ronalyn:

Great DOF.. love the conversion.. what a great image to capture!

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