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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: September 10, 2005 18:02
Lens: 12-24 mm f/4.0 AF DX Nikkor
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/5.3 - 1/125 sec
ISO: 160
Flash: None

This is the corner of Damen and Milwaukee in the Bucktown neighborhood. I managed to sneak this shot during the Around the Coyote arts festival this weekend while standing in a gallery in the old flatiron building. I have always wanted to go inside this building, and as I was browsing inside I was surprised to realize that I was actually in one of the corner or front offices. So I popped the window open and snapped away. I will try to get back there at night one of these days. Anyway, thanks to so many of you who helped me understand what these flatiron buildings are called!

Thanks also to all of you for the many comments on the recent shots. I have not been able to update the shots as often as I would like. My internet connection at home is officially kaput, and I am switching providers as of Thursday. I can't wait...


09.12.05, 09:06 AM, navin harish:

Great picture. This old building in the foreground and the skyline in the background creates a very lovely contrast.

09.12.05, 10:13 AM, Mareluna:

The Black & White effect it's beautiful for this building...
Compliments !!!

09.12.05, 10:15 AM, Alicia:

This is a great angle. Great B+W.

09.12.05, 10:57 AM, Heidi:

Mike, this is GREAT! Truly fantastic perspective! There is so much to see here! My eyes are constantly racing from left to right and back... Really cool stuff! Well done!!

09.12.05, 03:39 PM, VelviaPix:

This is so evoking of an old times photo... and the wide angle is beautiful. Did you use a WA lens? The B&W made this picture.
Very nice image.

09.12.05, 03:56 PM, Rock:

What a great bird's eye view we get! The point of the building aiming right at us is is a nice "point of view: :) The hint of the skyline in the background is very effective. --- Good luck on the new provider.

09.12.05, 04:28 PM, Michael:

Interesting. Although the style of the building and the B&W shot evoke an older photo (note the water towers), a modern city rises in the distance like a dream of what the future might hold. On another note, I wonder if the owner of the office ever felt like the city had targeted him with a huge arrowhead.

09.12.05, 08:04 PM, rayts:

my professor would like this shot! very interesting angle, the point of convergence, the balance, the pattern, the line of horizon...all equal to a classic shot! very nice, Mike. This could have been a street in Manila or somewhere else and I wouldn't be lost. And I like the fact that there is a long line of traffic at the other side of the street and a great ease at the right side. This is my favorite shot, so far! :)

09.13.05, 06:11 AM, Peter:

I wonder where Mike was going to shoot at 5:00am this morning??

09.13.05, 07:30 AM, Malinda:

Great perspective!

09.13.05, 08:06 AM, Sidney:

Indeed beautiful perspective and perfect composition!
Excellent !

09.13.05, 08:32 AM, RobW:

Super corner shot. Looks like it could have been taken 50 years ago.

09.13.05, 12:04 PM, Ronalyn:

Gorgeous shot! Love the black and white and the perspective of this shot!

09.13.05, 05:08 PM, Claudette:

Oooh, this is a great view! Loving the feel black and white gives you!! This is just simply beautiful!

09.16.05, 04:20 PM, Lady of the House:

Wonderful shot with great composition. Good luck with your new service provider :)

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