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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: September 5, 2005 14:12
Lens: 70-200 mm f/2.8 AF VR DX Nikkor
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/7.1 - 1/180 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: None

A view of Oak Street Beach on Labor Day. I must admit I was inspired to take this shot by my friend Archie from Whateverland . I figured that on this holiday, the last day that the lifeguards in Chicago work, there would likely be a critical mass of sunbathers that wouldn't be exceeded for the next ten months or so. It was true, in that there were many there. So this is my ode to summer 2005...


09.07.05, 11:50 AM, Obelix:

Woah, where were you? Flying?

Great shot, would make a wonderful stock photo.

09.07.05, 01:25 PM, Mike:

Whoops, Anand... I forgot to mention that I took this from the top of the John Hancock building. They have an observatory there!

09.07.05, 03:27 PM, Mareluna:

I didn't know that you are able to fly :) ahahhaha
A very coloured shot :)

09.07.05, 04:02 PM, tba:

Cool shot.

09.07.05, 04:28 PM, Alastair:

Gosh, what a view; a long time back I was one of those people, though Lake Michigan was a little cold for my tropical heritage! I love this perspective, by the way; every time I made it up the JH, the beaches were deserted but for the dog walkers and blokes blading topless down the towpath - like this, all the colours and randomly scattered people make for a really interesting shot.

09.07.05, 04:53 PM, rw:

At first I was...what, how, where was this taken then realised it must have been from a building. I was imagining a hotel balcony way up high.

Really like this one. The ants on the beach so to speak.

09.07.05, 04:55 PM, Rock:

Your decision to compose the shore on a diagonal makes this an interesting photograph. All the people make a nice human surface texture and pattern.

09.08.05, 01:12 AM, rayts:

interesting shot! the contrast of the deep blue sea and the color of the sand made it so pleasing to the eyes. the little sunbathers looked like colorful nips, makes me want to eat 'em. nice play of colors too.

09.08.05, 03:54 AM, Chantal:

I like the anlge.

09.08.05, 09:51 AM, Lady of the House:

I love how the people and their towels form little specks of color. Very creative shot.

09.08.05, 10:56 AM, VelviaPix:

I agree with ever comment above. This is a fantastic shot, specially because the composition. It must be a pretty high building, and the way people sat rate the imahe makes it very "visually complete". Did you use a polarizer? The sea looks very nice, no glare and deep color. Just curious.
Nice creative image!

09.08.05, 01:35 PM, Jen:

Great shot...wish I could find that much personal space in South Beach!

09.08.05, 07:39 PM, Bob:

I can only agree with the above, Mike, a wonderful picture

09.13.05, 07:32 AM, malinda:

This looks like a postcard... it's fantastic! I love the colors and the scale.

09.13.05, 12:06 PM, Ronalyn:

What an amazing bird's eye view of the beach... ah.. feels so warm! I could go on and on and rave about your blog.. it's incredible find !

09.13.05, 05:11 PM, claudette:

Oh wow!! Great view!!! Totally looks like a postcard!!! My goodness, I'm sooo glad you stopped by my blog!!!

09.16.05, 09:46 AM, Diane:

This really is a great would make a wonderful vacation greeting card.

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