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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: September 3, 2005 18:51
Lens: 85 mm f/1.4 AF G Nikkor
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/1.4 - 1/200 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: None

My oldest FINALLY learned how to ride a bike yesterday evening. Living in the city as we do, kids don't ride their bikes as often as they probably do in the suburbs. Add to that my daughter's fear of falling off the bike. She put this off for years, and this entire summer, until finally yesterday through some miracle we convinced her to really give it a try. We borrowed our neighbors' bike and lowered the seat so low that she could easily put her feet down, and perhaps that took care of some of her fears of falling off. Of course, I didn't think she would be able to pedal with the seat so low, but it worked. After one long marathon session at the local schoolyard, and me running about three miles in small circles holding on to her, she finally said "Daddy, let go...." and off she went.

I screamed so loud when she did it that other people playing in the nearby playground applauded, people stopped on the sidewalk, etc. It was quite a moment to me... there's all sorts of imagery associated with teaching your kid to ride a bike. The whole "letting go" thing as your kid rides away without you, for one. But I wasn't thinking of that. I was just praying that she wouldn't run into the bushes at the end of the playground.

Anyway, this pic we took just a few minutes after that historic run....


09.04.05, 11:02 PM, O b e l i x:

Woohoo, congrats.

09.05.05, 03:52 AM, Sidney:

Congrats to your daughter.
Cute picture. Nice soft colors !

I recognize your story, I know the feeling... the first words, the first steps, the first school day, the bike, etc.

Thanks for remembering me those feelings !

09.05.05, 07:05 AM, Lynn R:

... and she looks SOOOO proud of herself. Nice job Dad! :)

09.05.05, 07:34 AM, Ariela:

The photo on the right looks like it could be for a bike advertisment, she's such a good model and the shot is so crisp & colorful. Great job.

09.05.05, 08:15 AM, Rock:

Hurray for you young lady! I really like your photos, especially the lovely portrait on the right. But my favorite part of this visit is your story! You shared with us a great and personal slice of the life of your family. Thanks for sharing - you put a great big grin on my face.

And your daughter is gorgeous!

09.05.05, 07:00 PM, rayts:

the best thing about photos is that they can speak for themselves...

congrats dad!

i reckon, i'll have a series of these photos if in case i got my own.

09.08.05, 01:11 AM, jamie:

Our oldest is going on 7 and doesn't give a rip about learning to ride a bike. she's on her 2nd one with training wheels and really cares less. I'm not pushing her because I really don't care either - as long as she can ride a motorcycle, all's good :)

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