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Nikon D2X

Capture Date/Time: August 27, 2005 16:30
Lens: 12-24 mm f/4.0 AF DX Nikkor
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/5 - 1/500 sec
ISO: 100
Flash: None

So I was in Chinatown this weekend with the kids and I took a few shots around some of the storefronts. Just after one store owner lady stopped yelling at me for taking pictures of the knicknacks in her shop (I never understood why that is such a problem), I found this jelly stuff stuck to one of the store windows. My kids immediately identified it as stick-on "Gelgems," which are sticky colored gels that adhere to smooth surfaces. You can arrange them in a mosaic on a window. The things people come up with...

Thanks to everyone for the great comments lately. I appreciate it!


09.01.05, 04:28 PM, Rock:

When this image popped up I thought Jello, then candy melting on a table, then some wierd art piece. Very cool shot. I'm glad you took it. I've never heard of Gelgems - that's something I can check out for my granddaughters.

09.01.05, 06:33 PM, Sidney:

Chinatown people don't like photographers :-)

Great colors !

09.01.05, 07:37 PM, rayts:

oh, I get a lot of those too...not too much with the yelling but I usually get a hand wave informing me not to take photos of them or their products so I learned how to be a little bit more inconspicuous. SLR is sometimes intimidating.

nice pic btw, (as usual)...i could imagine the texture, Mike.

09.02.05, 02:22 AM, Mareluna:

If you want to change the color of your life... see it through a coloured glass... nothing changes... but everything could be more beautiful :))))
See you

09.02.05, 06:51 AM, Peter:

What were the kids doing at a bubble tea room at 3 in the morning? :)

09.02.05, 07:16 AM, navin harish:

Nice picture...great colours.

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