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Nikon D100

Capture Date/Time: June 7, 2003 7:30
Lens: 24-70mm f/3.5 AF DX Nikkor
Aperture/Shutter Speed: F/3.5 - 1/200 sec
ISO: 200
Flash: None

From a hiking and camping trip I took with my oldest a couple of years ago. We went up to Wisconsin on a "dad and daughter" getaway with other kids from her Irish dancing troupe and their dads. We have been meaning to plan another one of these trips, but it has been so hard to find time.

Also- apologies for some viewing and commenting problems that you may have had in the past few days on Firefox and IE. I think the problems are solved now, and I hope you like the new comment window format. There will be a few more tweaks to the comment window coming shortly.


08.17.05, 11:03 AM, Rock:

Lovely framing choice. The red hair band is a nice addition. She sure has pretty eyes.

08.17.05, 01:32 PM, O b e l i x:

Lovely composition. I like your eye.

08.17.05, 05:31 PM, Mareluna:

I like a lot your third eye :)... many compliments... i'll link you

08.18.05, 04:01 AM, McAWilliams:

Irish Dancing in Wisconsin, god we really have made an impression on the world. But this is a stunning portrait, your daughter really stands out compared to the green of the forest. Im going to make this my "picture of the day" today.

08.18.05, 08:43 AM, ody:

spettacolare questo sorriso!!

09.01.05, 01:49 AM, jamie:

this is just gorgeous. the composition is lovely and the greenery behind her has the perfect dof for this portrait. quite lovely.

09.17.05, 07:59 AM, Mune:

Thank you very much!

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